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Five Minutes Work To Substitute Your IPhone 6 Plus Damaged Display screen

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Because the screen of iPhone 6 plus has been enlarged to 5.5 inches, the potential for breaking it has also been enlarged. If sadly you broke your iPhone 6 plus display, official repair will price you as much as per week exclude the time you make the appointment. So if you're expert sufficient, replacing the iPhone 6 plus broken display screen yourself is a better alternative. Here we are going to stroll you thru a 5 minutes DIY restore guide for changing the broken iPhone 6 plus broken display.

Cracked the iPhone 6 display? No worry! Simply follow this step-by-step iPhone 6 display substitute guide, it is only a 10 mins work!

Please notice: This course of was finished by our specialists who've years of experience of take apart phones, and we used the half which have already got those small parts pre-assembled. This publish is certainly not a reference for those who are skilled sufficient to repair their iphone 6 screen digitizer 6+, do that at your personal threat, etradesupply won't be responsible for any injury happened in the course of the restore course of.

Instruments Needed:
Pentalobe Screwdriver
PH00 Philip Screwdriver
A Pair of Tweezers
Suction Cup Instrument
Case Opening Instrument

Step 1. Shut down your iPhone 6 plus before you do anything. (Make sure that you’ve done this before the disassembly begins, or it's possible you'll trigger short circuit of the interior parts of the phone which can harm the motherboard)

Step 2. Undo 2 screws on the underside with the assistance of the Pentalobe Screwdriver. (We recommend you to make use of a magnetic pad for placing those screws in case shedding them)

Step 3. Stick the suction cup on the bottom of the cellphone and then pull out the broken display. (In case your screen has already shattered badly, use clear adhesive tape to cowl the surface of the screen to keep away from any additional harm)

Step 4. Undo 5 screws holding the metal cover, then take the metal cover out.

Step 5. Disconnect the digitizer flex cable connector, LCD display flex cable connector, front facing digital camera connector and dwelling button flex cable connector. (If what you get is the iPhone 6 plus digitizer and LCD screen meeting with home button, body and front dealing with digital camera, then you definitely just need to put the brand new one on)

Step 6. Undo the three screws holding the house button retaining bracket then pick it up.

Step 7. Pry up the house button flex cable connector then remove the home button.

Step 8. Undo the 3 screws that holding the metallic cowl on the ear speaker.

Step 9. Take out the retaining bracket, ear speaker and front dealing with camera.

Step 10. Undo the 7 screws that locking the LCD steel plate.

Step 11. Pry up the LCD again plate connector.

Step 12. Substitute your damaged screen with the brand new one.

Word: We strongly recommend you to check the operate of the new iPhone 6 plus digitizer and LCD display assembly before you set up it on. Should you sadly get the defective half, you could ask your supplier to change for a new one.

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